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About Us

Avant (Pronounced – a want) is a Next-Gen Bio Sciences startup by IIM alumni that focuses on research related to ageing and it’s health complications. It is our mission to develop products that offer superior results for correcting, relieving, or reversing the internal and external Biomarkers of ageing.

Phytonutrients – Nature’s Elixir

Phytonutrients are the nutrients of plant origin. Plants produce Phytonutrients to help them in various cellular functions. They also fight diseases and promote healthy growth. Avant’s proprietary research products contain some of the most promising Phytonutrients combined with synergistic multivitamins and antioxidants to create high performance supplements for men and women that deliver exceptional results.

COVID Safe Shipments

Each order is processed and packed very carefully with three levels of COVID protection:

  1. All employees are screened and COVID free
  2. All packing materials are sanitized via 400°C super heated air blast
  3. All packages sealed in PVC shrink wrap to create a barrier between product and external environment


         Our Brands



Science of Ageing

Do we belong to the last Generation to die of Old Age?

As scientists around the world race against one other trying to crack the code of ageing, humans achieving immortality no longer sounds like science fiction.

Know why we age and what science says about slowing down the ageing process,

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