Struggling to Survive the Week?

How will you survive the next 50 years?
You heard it right! If you are in your middle ages, you will probably live for another 50 years.New advances in healthcare and medicine have stretched human lifespan to its limits. It is now estimated that most human beings have the capacity to live for
100 – 120 years that can be an awfully long time to live as a debilitated and unproductive man. Some signs of poor ageing in men are - dip in Testosterone levels, increase in blood sugar levels, high blood cholesterol (lipids), loss of muscle mass and increase in tummy girth, reduction in sexual arousal, activity and a general feeling of tiredness and fatigue. What you do next, will decide whether you Stay Young for Life or live the better part of your adulthood as a dependent.



The Best Anti-Ageing Supplement – Testosterone & Energy Booster for Men

POZTRON is FSSAI approved, 100% Vegan, Non-GMO and preservative free Premium Daily Fitness Supplement from AVANT, the Next-Gen Bio Sciences startup by IIM alumni with 2 decades of pharmaceutical business experience.

POZTRON is the world’s first premium daily anti-ageing supplement created specifically for boosting fitness in middle-aged men. It turns back the biomarkers of ageing, making you STRONGER – FITTER – SHARPER.

Most multivitamin tablets or ayurvedic health supplements for men either focus on increasing the Testosterone and are better suited for young bodybuilders or they contain multivitamins, more suited for the elderly.

Poztron is superior to multivitamins or Ayurvedic supplement brands. Unlike ayurvedic products, Poztron uses phytonutrients or highly purified active compounds found in Ayurvedic or herbal plants. This means higher quality, purity and effect. Poztron merges phytonutrients with modern science by applying evidence-based clinical research. Efficacy of ayurvedic phytonutrients is enhanced by combining them with synergistic vitamins and minerals for delivering exceptional results.

The complete Anti-Ageing Formula

POZTRON boosts Testosterone production and reverses physical signs of ageing. Utilizes super ORAC antioxidant Resveratrol to protect cardiovascular system and reverse decades of free radicals build-up. Uses nootropics to improve stress handling response and enhances mental sharpness.

POZTRON is the ultimate fitness hack created for middle-aged men who want to regain lost youth, look younger, feel sharper and more energetic with minimal time or effort.

The Best Natural Energy Booster for Men

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Poztron bottle - the best Anti-ageing Supplement for middle-aged men

Poztron the best Anti-ageing Supplement for middle-aged men

Reverse the biomarkers of ageing, boost your energy with 90-day course of the best and only anti-ageing formula custom-made for middle-aged men

Do you feel more stressed at work lately?

Are you greying early?

Do you look older than your colleagues or friends of the same age?

Do you feel completely drained by end of the day?

Do you feel an increase in your belly fat?

Are you a Diabetic?

Are you feeling low or have lost the drive to compete at the top level?

Wish you had more time for fitness than your busy life allows?

Poztron the best Energy booster for middle-aged men

Stay young for life with the 90-day course of the best anti-ageing supplement for middle-aged men

Age is just a number : Poztron the best Anti-ageing Supplement for men


Why are the mid-years (30s to 60s) so important in Ageing?

Evolution made the human body peak in its thirties. Research on ageing proves that many changes affecting the structure and function of cells, tissues and organ systems begin at the age of 30*. But, in a modern society, 30s mark just the beginning of our most significant achievements in life.

The mid-years (30s-60s) can be the most harmful period of life:

  • There is a significant dip in physical activity (compared to youth)
  • Professional growth with higher work stress
  • More responsibilities & monetary pressures in family life
  • Increase in unhealthy eating practices & junk food consumption
  • Increase in smoking & alcohol consumption
  • Long periods of sitting, more late working & stressful commuting
  • Lack of restful sleep
  • Exposure to radiation from computers, phones and other gadgets

Excess exposure to such undesirable factors do not allow the body to heal itself fast enough, causing a fall in health biomarkers which accelerates the ageing process.

*Timiras P, editor. Physiological basis of ageing and geriatrics. 4. New York, NY: Informa; 2007

Poztron the best libido enhancer for middle-aged men

Reverse the biomarkers of ageing over 90 days and regain fitness with the best natural anti-ageing supplement for men

You Can Stay Young for Life!

As per “WHO-World report on ageing and health 2015”

  • Ageing is only loosely associated with a person’s age in years.
  • Genetics contribute only 25% towards determining the longevity of a person.
  • 75% is a result of physical, behavioural and social exposures across the life.
  • Some 80-year-olds have a physical and mental capacity similar to 20-year-olds.
  • Maintaining muscle mass and good nutrition can preserve cognitive function and reverse frailty.

Maintaining or regaining muscle mass is much easier in your youth or in middle ages. As you grow older, it is much more difficult to reverse the damage caused by decades of bad lifestyle and poor habits. You need to take timely corrective actions in your middle years so that you can stay Young for Life.

What Poztron Can Do For You

Benefits of Poztron : The best Anti-ageing Supplement for men

POZTRON directly benefits 8 out of 11 systems of human body

To reverse the biological ageing, there needs to an improvement in the key biomarkers such as muscle mass, bone density, body fat ratio, glucose tolerance, basal metabolic rate, testosterone production, cognition etc.

AVANT Bio Sciences has created POZTRON the most COMPLETE anti-ageing supplement for men, which directly benefits 8 of the 11 systems of the human body by reversing many key Biomarkers of ageing.

1. POZTRON Makes you Stronger

Our proprietary PHYTO blend is a mix of most potent natural Testosterone boosters that increase the natural testosterone production in men significantly over a period of 90 days.

  1. Muscular System: Increases lean muscle mass and boosts energy
  2. Skeletal System: Increases bone density
  3. Reproductive System: Enhances fertility, sexual health and confidence
Poztron boosts strength the best Supplement for men

2. POZTRON Makes you Fitter

Use of Resveratrol, one of the most powerful – Super ORAC antioxidants in combination with Phytonutrients improve biomarkers related to:

  1. Cardiovascular System: Reduces cholesterol and improves cardiovascular health
  2. Endocrine System: Improves blood sugar control
  3. Immune System: Enhances body’s ability to fight diseases
  4. Exocrine system: Improves skin elasticity, gives you a younger look
Poztron boosts fitness the best Supplement for men

3. POZTRON makes you Sharper

Combination of our PHYTO blend, Resveratrol and caffeine improve biomarkers related to:

  1. Nervous System: Enhances cognition and capacity to handle stress, improves mood
Poztron makes your sharper - the best Supplement for men

POZTRON Boosts Your Sexual Wellness

Age affects your sexual wellness.

A man’s sexual drive, desire and passion are strongly linked to Testosterone production. Low Testosterone levels may be a reason behind lack of desire or low libido in middle-aged men. With progressing age, higher incidences of metabolic disorders such as high blood sugars and cholesterol levels cause narrowing and hardening of blood vessels. As the blood vessels in the male reproductive organs lose their ability to expand, the blood flow to the penis is compromised leading to weak erections and Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in men.

Improvements in Sexual health is a desirable by-product of our Poztron formula.

Erectile Dysfunction causes. Mechanism of Erection

POZTRON helps in Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

  • By boosting Testosterone production, Poztron enhances the libido, confidence and sex drive in men
  • Resveratrol increases Nitric Oxide production and blood vessel elasticity for harder erections
  • By enhancing physical fitness, Poztron delays the age-related onset of Erectile Dysfunction

POZTRON ingredients act synergistically in improving Sexual wellness

Poztron in Erectile Dysfunction

Poztron works in Erectile Dysfunction

Delay age-related onset of sexual dysfunctions with 90-day course of the best Anti-ageing supplement for middle-aged men

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Extremely happy with Poztron results, my upper body looks jacked up – Manoranjan Nanda- 36 Yrs, Cuttack, Orissa

From chronic exhaustion to oodles of energy. Poztron has definitely increase my productivity – Pranil – 47 Yrs, Bangalore, India

Poztron has delivered amazing results. I have lost weight around waist and now have a well-toned chest – Sujay – 41 Yrs, Delhi, India

I feel less tired & wrinkles have gone down. Latest sugar & cholesterol readings are also down – Shiv Singh – 51 Yrs, Mumbai, India

I am a diabetic. With Poztron I find myself much more energetic and alert! – Uday B – 43Yrs, Bangalore

Thumbs up to Poztron. I am down 2kg in 2 month without any diet change. – A Patel – 41Yrs, Mumbai

Poztron made a big improvement for my father. We are happy. – V Jadhav – 25 Yrs, Vasai

I work out regularly, but after Poztron I noticed increase in strength and muscle gain. Great stuff! – Sharwan K – 48 Yrs, Baddi

If you have any specific questions on when and how to take Poztron, visit our Poztron FAQ Section or write in to us at

Reverse ageing with Poztron - the best Supplement for men

The only anti-ageing supplement specially formulated for reviving the fitness of middle-aged men

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