Miles to go and a promise to keep!

New advances in healthcare and medicine have stretched human life span to its limits. It is now estimated that most human beings have the capacity to live between 100 – 120 years.

That can be an awfully long time to live as a debilitated and unproductive member of the society.

Avant (Pronounced – a want) is a Next-Gen Bio Sciences company that focuses on research related to ageing and related health complications. It is our mission to develop products that offer superior results for correcting, relieving, or reversing the internal and external Biomarkers of ageing and contribute towards creation of a world in which people Stay Young For Life

We also research rare Phytonutrients – nature’s hidden gems for their restorative or anti-ageing properties. Our Phyto-supplements are complex, first of its kind hybrid blends combining synergistic plant based nutrients with performance enhancing minerals for delivering exceptional results.

The scope of our business is not limited by any product or market segment. We aspire to own the entire customer need area of ‘Healthy Ageing’ and offer high quality products and services in this space for superior customer value creation.

What differentiates Avant from others, is its rich expertise.

Avant Bio-Sciences has its origins rooted in pharmaceutical industry. Our founding team and supporting infrastructure consists of IIM & IIT alumni, Pharmaceutical industry veterans, Marketing Specialists, Medical Doctors, Research Scientists and Quality Control experts, most having an experience in conducting ethical Pharmaceutical business across different geographies of the world. They have instilled their ethics, scientific approach, best practices and stringent quality norms of Pharmaceutical industry to Avant Bio-Sciences.

Our Mission:

To introduce path breaking and differentiated products or services in our focus area of ‘Healthy Ageing’ to enable people to Stay Young for Life.

Our Vision

Be at the forefront of human longevity studies to enable humanity to age better and stay fit till much later in life. Contribute in creation of a world in which people Stay Young for Life.

Key Goals:

  • To own the customer need area of ‘Healthy Ageing’
  • Invest in research on new areas of longevity studies
  • Introduce differentiated products for correcting and reversing the biomarkers of ageing
  • Deliver superior customer value by creating products and services basket that complement each other

Our Values

No fake claims or fake reviews. Our ethics bind us from making any irresponsible claims or indulging in creation of false reviews or endorsements.

You can help us in our movement by using our products, sharing your feedback and spreading the word if you like them.

Building Trust

We are a Govt. of India registered, MSME company operating with all requisite FDA & FSSAI clearances. Our products are manufactured in plants that confirm to GMP standards.

Trust is the core ingredient of our brands. When our customers buy Avant products, they can be confident that a team of researchers have put in tons of hard work and hundreds of hours of research to validate the health benefits of our brands before giving their approval.

The plain truth is that Nutraceutical and Health Supplement markets have low entry barriers. This allows people with no technical, medical or nutrition background to enter the market easily and launch products that defy scientific rationale, compromise on quality and fail to deliver. Misleading label claims and under filling of ingredients to cut product cost is rampant in the industry.

At Avant Bio-Sciences, all our raw materials, phyto-extracts and ingredients are sourced from reliable suppliers and are of top notch quality. Each batch undergoes multiple quality tests and is released only when it fully complies with our batch release specifications. Our Promise – No under filling, no misleading claims. What you find on the label is what you get.

Our Founder

Avinash Negi – Founder and Managing Partner of Avant Bio-Sciences.

A Pharmaceutical industry veteran of 17 years, Avinash holds a Master’s in Business Administration from IIM(K), one of India’s premier business schools. With an ability to think rationally and a gift for generating creative and disruptive ideas, he excelled as a Marketing and Branding specialist with Pharma MNCs. 

Before becoming an entrepreneur, he was the Marketing Head for Emerging Markets, managing cross-border and cross-functional teams in over 30 countries in Asia, Africa, and Middle East. 

He left behind a successful professional career to pursue his dream of laying foundations of a future nutraceutical giant.

“I have witnessed the changing trends of the global pharmaceutical and dietary supplements market up close. I firmly believe that Phytonutrients are the biggest untapped and the most under researched area in health and nutrition segment. Avant Bio-Sciences is an attempt at creating a responsible organization, that grows by applying modern research and stringent Quality Control techniques from Pharmaceutical industry to this mostly unregulated segment”  – Avinash Negi