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How Poztron Works:

The Secret – Quality Ingredients Working in Super Synergy

All new Products at Avant start with original research. Our researchers scanned thru hundreds of ingredients seeking natural plants and extracts known for their Testosterone boosting properties creating the template for our proprietary PHYTO blend. A secondary research was done to identify minerals and natural extracts that can work in synergy with our PHYTO blend. A hybrid formula to protect men from most common age related dysfunctions combined with powerful antioxidant that can protect body from free radicals generated by bad lifestyle and due to environmental pollutants.

Ingredients in POZTRON Benefit You by Targeting 3 Core Improvement Areas:


Our proprietary PHYTO blend is a mix of most potent natural Testosterone boosters that increase the natural testosterone production in men significantly over a period of 90 days. This improves the biomarkers related to

Muscular System: Increases lean muscle mass and strength

Skeletal System: Increases bone density

Reproductive System: Enhances fertility and sexual health



Use of Resveratrol, one of the most powerful – Super ORAC antioxidants in combination with Phytonutrients improve biomarkers related to

Cardiovascular System: Reduces cholesterol and improves cardiovascular health

Endocrine System: Improves blood sugar control

Immune System: Enhances body’s ability to fight diseases

Exocrine system: Improves skin elasticity for a younger look



Combination of our PHYTO blend, Resveratrol and caffeine improve biomarkers related to

Nervous System: Enhances mental alertness and cognition

Poztron Formula Super Synergies

Besides their individual Testosterone boosting, Antioxidant and Cognition enhancing properties, the ingredients in POZTRON work in super synergy enhancing each other’s properties.


Why is Testosterone the KEY?

Testosterone is Important. In fact, it is the most important male hormone. It is essential for the development of male reproductive organs. It is also responsible for maintenance of male characteristics such as higher muscle mass, bone density, body hair and is responsible for the male sex drive.

Testosterone is the most effective anti-ageing drug currently known to man, but its production declines with age. This decline, known as andropause starts as early as mid-30s and by the age of 80, a man’s testosterone remains just 20% of what it was at his youth.

The drop is so gradual (just 1%per year) that the symptoms of andropause appear over a long period of time and are often wrongly attributed to old age.

Testosterone deficiency leads to loss of lean muscle mass, reduced libido, anxiety, depression, and cognitive decline.

As per a 2011 study published in ‘Journal of Obesity’,

“Testosterone deficiency leads to a serious deterioration of the health of men expressing itself in the metabolic syndrome and its sequels: diabetes mellitus type 2 and atherosclerotic disease accelerating morbidity and mortality.”

The good news is that many symptoms of testosterone deficiency can be reversed by restoring testosterone levels.

A study published in European Journal of Endocrinology in Nov. 2011 analysed data collected over 35 years measuring effects of Testosterone in various studies. Some key findings were, lean muscle gain, strength increase and ability to exercise kept on increasing till it reached a peak after 12 months. Time taken to achieve maximum decrease in total cholesterol and blood sugar levels was 12 months whereas maximum fat reduction was achieved at 24 months.

List Of Ingredients

Proprietary PHYTO Blend: 440mg

Contains: Dioscorea bulbifera, Asparagus racemosus, Tribulus terrestris, Pueraria tuberosa, Cinnamomum zeylancium.

Dioscorea Bulbifera

Popular Name(s): Air Yam, Air Potato, Varahkand

Parts Used: Tuber

Primary Use: Powerful cholesterol regulator, protection against metabolic diseases

Dioscorea extracts (diosgenin) increase cholesterol secretion by 5 to 7 times in the bile of rats without altering the output of bile salts and phospholipids. They also show a potential for preventing the development of Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Several preclinical studies have implicated the potential for use of diosgenin in several ailments like diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, gastrointestinal disorders, and inflammatory conditions. In addition, diosgenin and dioscin have been reported to show antifungal properties. Dioscin the glycoside form of diosgenin and has been shown to possess anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties

Dioscorea Bulbifera


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Asparagus Racemosus

Popular Name(s): Sparrow grass, Shatavari

Parts Used:  Root

Primary Use: Aphrodisiac, Adaptogenic – better adapting to stressful environments

Asparagus racemosus is a plant used in traditional Indian medicine for its aphrodisiac properties. Other known benefits of Asparagus racemosus include antioxidant,adaptogenic, mood enhancing and anti-stress effects in a dose-dependent manner.

Studies with male rats have shown a 2-fold increase in attraction towards females rats with Asparagus racemosus extract, which outperformed the results when compared to testosterone injections, but at high doses. Asparagus racemosus recorded reduction in time between mounting by 32% and Penile Erectile Index was increased 143%.

Asparagus Racemosus


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Tribulus Terrestris

Popular Name(s): Land Caltrops, Puncture Vine, Gokshura

Parts Used:  Fruit

Primary Use: Powerful Testosterone Booster, Muscle mass gain, Aphrodisiac

Tribulus has been used as a general tonic and herbal treatment for impotence in many traditional medicines. Benefits of Tribulus terrestris in increasing testosterone levels and muscle mass have been documents in many studies

Published preclinical studies show that Tribulus extract increases muscle weight on overtraining test subjects and effect a 150% increase in serum level of testosterone over control group.

Another study in 2008, done on primates, who are very similar to humans measured a 52% increase in testosterone after 8 weeks.

Aphrodisiac activity of TT extract brings about a dose-dependent improvement in sexual behavior characterized by an increase in mount frequency, penile erection, delayed ejaculation. The enhancement of sexual behavior was more prominent on long term use, which brought about a significant increase in serum testosterone levels.

Tribulus Terrestris


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Pueraria Tuberosa

Popular Name(s):  Indian Kudzu, Japanese Arrowroot, Vidarikanda

Parts Used:  Rhizomes

Primary Use: Bone regeneration, Sugar control, prevent accumulation of fats in skeletal muscles

Kudzu has been used traditional medicine for its rejuvenating and anti-ageing properties. Bone strength is one of the defining attributes of youth. With age, both men and women tend to lose bone density.

Pueraria tuberosa extract protects against reduction in bone mineral density and stimulates bone regeneration.

It also helps in reducing sugar levels by displaying a mode of action similar to DPP-IV inhibitors a new class of diabetes drugs.

Other benefits of Pueraria tuberosa extract are protecting kidneys from damage and possibly delay the development of diabetic nephropathy, cardio-protection in diabetic cardiomyopathy by inhibiting inflammation.

In preclinical studies, Pueraria tuberosa extract improved the performance of mitochondria in muscle and promoted the oxidation of fatty acids, which prevented accumulation of fats in skeletal muscles.

Pueraria Tuberosa


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Cinnamomum Zeylanicum

Popular Name(s): Cinnamon

Parts Used:  Bark

Primary Use: Natural Anti-infective, Testosterone booster, Protects from chemical toxins

Cinnamomum zeylanicum, commonly called Cinnamon is a natural antibiotic that protects body against infections caused by bacteria, fungi and parasitic worms.

Cinnamomum zeylanicum has a powerful Antioxidant and Testosterone boosting properties.

After 30 days administration of Cinnamomum zeylanicum, serum Testosterone levels in test subjects were 135% higher than in control group. The total blood antioxidant capacity of test subjects was also 63% higher than control group.

Cinnamon is also known to improve sperm parameters such as quality, quantity and motility.

Cinnamon is highly effective in protecting body against chemical toxins and can ameliorate the toxicity of toxins in liver, kidney, blood, brain, embryo, reproductive system, heart and spleen.

Cinnamomum Zeylanicum 


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Resveratrol: 150mg

Primary Use: Extremely potent Antioxidant, Cardioprotective, Neuroprotective, Longevity

Resveratrol, a natural polyphenolic compound, is found in various kinds of fruits, plants, and their commercial products such as red wine. It has a variety of health-promoting effects including prevention and/or treatment of cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, diabetes, neurodegeneration, aging, and cancer.

Cellular defensive properties of resveratrol can be explained through its ability of either directly neutralizing reactive oxygen species/reactive nitrogen species (ROS/RNS) or indirectly upregulating the expression of cellular defensive genes.

Resveratrol has beneficial effects as anti-aging compounds through modulating the hallmarks of aging, including oxidative damage, inflammation, telomere attrition and cell senescence.

Preclinical studies of Resveratrol supplementation for 4 weeks showed significant longer time to exhaustion with decreased blood lactate and free fatty acids levels associated with improved oxidative stress even in older test subjects.

Resveratrol alleviates age-related motor decline via the promotion of dopamine neuronal survival and activation of the ERK1/2 pathways. caffeine administration was associated with increased load-related activationcompared to placebo.

Resveratrol has a positive effect on male reproductive system by enhancing blood testosterone levels by 52%, triggering penile erection, as well as and improving sperm count.

Resveratrol promotes cardiovascular health, when used in daily dose (≥300 mg/day and in diabetic patients


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Primary Name: Caffeine: 80mg

Primary Use: Nootropic, Cognition enhancer, Neuroprotective

Caffeine is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant and world’s most widely consumed psychoactive drug.

Caffeine is most commonly used to improve mental alertness, but it has many other uses. Caffeine is combined with painkillers (such as aspirin and acetaminophen) and ergotamine for treating migraine headaches.

Although the underlying mechanisms are not yet fully understood, caffeine has been shown in human studies to be protective against Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, two of the most common neurodegenerative diseases.

Caffeine consumed in adulthood may prevent memory decline with age.

A study aimed to determine the effect of caffeine on working memory using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) showed that acute caffeine administration was associated with increased load-related activation compared to placebo.



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Primary Name: Zinc: 30mg

Primary Use: Immunity, Reproductive health

Zinc plays an intricate function during an immune response and is critical for sustaining proper immune function. Zinc deficiency elevates inflammatory response as well as damage to host tissue.

Zinc levels also determine reproductive health in men. Zinc supplementation can directly benefit sperm concentration, sperm motility and sperm morphology.

Zinc also plays an important role in modulating serum testosterone levels in men. In one study, restriction in Zinc intake thru diet caused a 73% fall in testosterone levels of young healthy over a period of 5 months. In another instance when Zinc supplements were given to mildly Zinc deficient elderly men, their Testosterone production went up by massive 93% over a period of 6 months.



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