In-house News Release

Mumbai, 6th March 2018

POZTRON the “Best Anti Ageing Supplement & natural energy Booster for Middle Aged Men” collaborates with Thyrocare to launch a first of its kind marketing campaign.

Thyrocare is a highly respected diagnostics company with  ISO 9001:2008 and CAP (College of American Pathologists) certifications. They have India’s most advanced, totally automated laboratory and are present in more than 2000 cities / towns in India and internationally.

Buyers of POZTRON combi pack (3 bottles) will receive a free “Biomarkers of Age” blood assessment test from Thyrocare worth Rs. 2000.

The unique feature of this campaign is that POZTRON will provide an end-to-end service to participants of the campaign. Not only will they receive a bio-ageing report based on their blood report, but also personalized suggestions for correcting their ageing biomarkers.

The campaign will be run for a limited time for customers who buy POZTRON on the company’s website.

In-house News Release

Mumbai, 12th Feb 2018

POZTRON the “Best Anti Ageing Supplement & natural energy Booster for Middle Aged Men” gets its first online marketplace launch on

To celebrate the momentous occasion, Avant will be offering a flat 21% discount to buyers of its combi-pack (3 packs) on Amazon. The campaign will be a limited period offer

In-house News Release

Mumbai, 1st Dec 2017

Avant Bio Sciences launches POZTRON the “Best Anti Ageing Supplement & natural energy Booster for Middle Aged Men”

POZTRON is 100% Vegan, Non-GMO and preservative free Premium Daily Fitness Supplement formulated by researchers at AVANT Bio Sciences, that can turn back the Bio-Markers of ageing.

POZTRON is the most complete supplement for addressing fitness needs of middle aged men who want to look younger, feel better and more energetic but have less or no time for fitness.

POZTRON has a unique combination of Avant’s in-house research PHYTO blend, Super ORAC antioxidant and cognition enhancers that make men STRONGER, FITTER & SHARPER.

In-house News Release

Mumbai, 30 Nov 2017

CPhI 2017 held in Mumbai, India was a hugely successful event with over 40,000 visitors attending the special 10-year anniversary of CPhI and P-MEC India

The key takeaways of the conference were that industry confidence is extremely high, with manufacturers bullish about near-term revenue prospects, predicting over 30% growth in 2017.

Avant participation was a great success as its team was able to optimize their visit by meeting all key clients from Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies under one roof. As an added advantage many new parties and suppliers were identified as potential future partners for expansion of Avant consumer portfolio.

In-house News Release

Mumbai, 28 Aug 2017

Avant Bio Sciences signs a contract manufacturing agreement with Anaha LifeCare a Bangalore based nutraceutical manufacturers who have exclusive collaborations with international partners for supply of a wide range of clinically tested and high quality niche Botanical Ingredients.

Under the agreement, Anaha will develop manufacturing protocols to commercialize proprietary supplements of Avant, adhering to specifications. It will also set the QA & QC parameters for ensuring highest product quality.

In-house News Release

Mumbai, 1 Aug 2017

Avant Bio Sciences signs a MOU with Flagship Biotech the fastest growing pharmaceutical company and a Govt. Of India recognized ‘Star Export House’ for providing consultation services.

Flagship Biotech operates in more than 75 countries worldwide, having over 400 products registered in therapeutic areas including Oncology, Diabetology, Cardiology, Analgesics, Gynecology, Anti-infectives, Gastro, Anti-Malarial, Immunosuppressant, Anti- Asthmatics, Anti-Allergy etc.

Flagship Biotech will use the expertize of Avant team for strategizing its domestic business growth and to guide and train its sales and marketing teams for becoming a more effective salesforce.

In-house News Release

Mumbai, 2 Jun 2017

Avant Bio Sciences participates in InnoPack 2017 held at hotel Sahara Star in Mumbai. The premier event featured many exhibitors who were leading Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical packaging equipment and services suppliers.

Avant team visiting the event were able to get up to date with latest in packaging technologies and innovative product display solutions. They were also able to identify some high quality food grade packing container suppliers for Avant products.

In-house News Release

Bangalore, 2 May 2017

Regulatory team of Avant visits Bangalore for site audit of new brand new manufacturing plant of iDreamz healthcare. The site layout and machinery were confirming to Pharmaceutical GMP. The site was equipped with the latest HEPA and HVAC Technology with sufficient measures to ensure Zero Contamination.

After an in depth audit of complete facility lasting for four hours, Avant regulatory team approved the site as suitable for future manufacturing of Avant Bio Sciences Products.

Pictures from audit visit

In-house News Release

Mumbai, 30 Dec 2016

Avant explores product development opportunities with BioGen Extracts a Bangalore based Phytonutrients exports powerhouse.

BioGen is a GMP Certified company that specializes in the development and manufacture of Nutraceuticals, Branded Ingredients, Food Ingredients, Food Colors, Standardized Natural Extracts, Microencapsulated Oleoresins & Oils and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

BioGen will support Avant thru its production expertise to convert Avant’s proprietary research supplements into commercial product.

In-house News Release

Mumbai, 23 Nov 2016

Avant participates in CPhI India an event organized by CPhI Worldwide. CPhI India is the largest and most comprehensive pharmaceutical industry events in South Asia that gets more than 32,000 visitors from around the world. CPhI India is the best event to meet all major suppliers of pharmaceutical ingredients, outsourcing, equipment and bio-solutions in one location.

Participation is a big success. Meetings with senior management of many top Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies on the API and manufacturing side. Many leads were generated and future rounds of meetings were decided for exploring business opportunities