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We are confident that our product will benefit you. Poztron provides incremental benefits which become more noticeable over time. So, before requesting a refund, we request you to kindly take POZTRON twice a day for at least 30 days as instructed. The refund is guaranteed, you have nothing to lose.

Terms & Conditions :

Money back Guarantee is applicable only on purchase of 3 bottle combo pack (60 Tabs each)

Poztron is created for men in age group of 30s and over. If the user belongs to a lower age group, the refund policy will not be applicable.

The buyer has to inform the company of return by raising a refund request on contact us page of Poztron.com within 30 days of receipt of the goods.

The buyer has to return two unused bottles of Poztron in sealed and good condition.

Payment will be processed within 10 days of physical receipt of goods

To protect company from misuse of its “Money Back Guarantee”

  • Anyone returning our product once will not be covered by our money back guarantee on repurchase
  • Buyers purchasing more than 3 bottle in a single order, will be covered for only 3 bottles under the money back guarantee
  • Company reserves the right to call back and interact with the customer to get a feedback and to understand the dissatisfaction before processing refund
  • If the customer tries to misrepresent facts or tries to use online or offline media to malign the product without allowing the company to respond first, the company will withdraw the refund policy for the customer

Avant aspires to be a customer friendly organizations. If your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you can escalate your issue by sharing case history with contact@avant-bio.com. We will handle each issue with honesty and care.