Genesis of life on Earth took place over 3 billion years ago from a single primitive life form.

All the complex living beings that we see today evolved from a common ancestor. We have far more in common with other life forms than we suspect. It is no surprise that humans have a high degree of DNA match with other mammals, but amazingly even plants are not that different from us. The rice plant shares 25% of its DNA with humans, whereas the banana plant has an even higher 60% DNA match.

 As a result, humans and plants have many proteins in common. In fact, the origin of modern medicine can be traced back to the early attempts of man to treat their ailments thru the only resource available to them – plants.

 Pharmaceutical drugs work predominantly on the principle of symptom relief. Focusing on just relief and not addressing the underlying cause can lead to drug abuse, addiction, toxicity and resistance.

With more awareness and a better access to information, the world is witnessing an unprecedented interest in alternate therapies and especially in Phytonutrients for a more balanced and sustainable solutions for chronic disorders.

Phytonutrients are the nutrients or chemicals of plant origin. Phytonutrients help plants in various intercellular and intracellular functions, play a protective role, promote healthy growth and at times even fight diseases.


Benefits of Phytonutrients found in foods and spices have been well documented in thousands of traditional texts and many more modern research papers. In recent times Phytochemicals have gained popularity over conventional medicine because they are very safe to use, with minimal or no toxic side effects.

Phytonutrients have now become one of the fastest growing segment of the 133 billion USD Global Dietary Supplement market. Phytonutrients are the future of the supplements market.

Today, only a handful companies globally are focusing on high quality research that Phytonutrients deserve. Sensing an unmet need, Avant has ventured into this exciting space with a mission to identify the most promising phytonutrients known for their restorative or anti-ageing properties so that it can “Introduce path breaking products with the goal of significantly prolonging human lifespan and Staying Young For Life”.

Phytonutrients: Frequently Asked Questions

The term “Phyto” refers to the Greek word for plant. As the name suggests, Phytonutrients are the nutrients or chemicals of plant origin. A single plant may contain hundreds or thousands of phytochemicals or biologically active compounds with many varied medicinal uses.

The answer is Globalization and Internet. The traditional knowledge on use of medicinal plants used to be regional in nature. With internet providing easy access to information, consumers are getting more knowledgeable. They are willing to take informed decisions on new and alternate therapies to reduce their dependence on drugs.

Moreover, today we know more about Phytonutrients than ever before. New research on phytonutrients are disclosing health benefits previously not known to us while clinical trials are providing the proof thereby building credibility of Phytonutrients as a proactive approach to self-health management.

Depending on which plant and what part is used, Phytonutrients can provide innumerable health benefits to us. Just to cite a few:

  • Turmeric & ginger show natural anti-inflammatory activity
  • Clove has a local anesthetic & astringent property
  • Olive & Grapes extract & berries are rich source of natural anti-oxidants
  • Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric are known for their great antibiotic properties
  • Asparagus, Tribulus and Air Yam have documented Testosterone boosting properties
  • There are plants extracts with mood boosting, sleep inducing cough suppressing, immunity regulating and many more properties

In many cases you can, but clinical trials done on Phytonutrients suggest that in most cases very high amounts will have to be consumed for extracting their health benefits.

There are also situations where consuming the natural form may not be a good idea.  Often the part that imparts health benefits may not be edible like leaves and barks, or may be very bitter or leave a bad aftertaste.

In such cases, supplements with concentrated plant extracts may be a good idea as they can be potent, easy to consume and palatable.

The process is much more complex than simply putting ingredients together. A single plant may contain hundreds or thousands of biologically active compounds. Different parts of plant have these compounds in different concentration. It is further complicated by the disparity in phytonutrient concentrations in plants grown in different soil and weather conditions.

The knowledge of which part of plant to use, sourcing it from the right country and using documented and standardized scientific extraction methods is essential. Inexperienced manufacturing will deliver to a product that is marginally better than placebo.

Yes. We have applied our expertise to create unique and first of its kind proprietary blends that are natural in origin but with added advantage of hundreds of hours of research by our team.

We take inspiration from traditional medicine and apply our own research towards enhancing the effect of the natural phytonutrients by combining them with performance boosting minerals and compounds to create HYBRID formulas. Some of our Phytonutrient based products are :

  • SPRiNT

Avant Bio-Sciences has its origins rooted in pharmaceutical industry. Our founding team and supporting infrastructure consisting of Pharmaceutical industry veterans, Marketing Specialists, Medical Doctors, Research Scientists and Quality Control experts, most having an experience in conducting ethical Pharmaceutical business across different geographies of the world. They have instilled their ethics, scientific approach, best practices and stringent quality norms of Pharmaceutical industry to Avant Bio-Sciences.