POZTRON is a Premium Daily Fitness Booster formulated by researchers at AVANT Bio Sciences, that can turn back the Bio-Markers of ageing. It is the only daily supplement in the world created specifically for boosting fitness in middle aged men.


Here’s a fact that most supplement companies won’t tell you. After 30, the human body undergoes many physiological changes. The metabolism slows down and cardiac output decreases, making you less energetic and lacking in vitality. This makes losing weight more difficult. Muscles gradually lose their mass affecting strength and stamina. Insulin sensitivity goes down, blood sugar levels rise, blood pressure increases, and the arterial walls thicken increasing the risk of heart diseases. With age, your brain function also slows down. Multivitamins do not address the muscle loss which needs to be reversed for improving strength and stamina in men. Herbal and Ayurvedic products like Ginseng, Musli, Shilajit or Ashwagandha predominantly focus on improving stamina and libido of men. POZTRON is The World’s first health supplement created specifically for boosting fitness in men over 30 by researchers at AVANT “ The Next-Gen Bio Sciences company by IIM alumni with 2 decades of pharma experience. For more information or FAQs, visit the company website.