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Avant is a Next-Gen Bio Sciences startup by IIM alumni with nearly 2 decades of pharmaceutical industry experience.

POZTRON is our Premium Daily Fitness Booster that can turn back the biomarkers of ageing. It is the only daily supplement in the world created specifically for boosting fitness in middle aged men. POZTRON has a unique combination of natural Testosterone boosters, Super ORAC antioxidant and cognition enhancers. It is just what your body needs to fight ageing and make you STRONGER, FITTER & SHARPER.Read More

Science of Poztron

Ageing is a multi-dimensional condition.

Treating just the external signs of ageing thru cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery is a superficial solution.

To reverse the biological ageing in men, researchers at AVANT Bio Sciences have devised a formula that can reverse the markers of ageing, add new muscle, boost overall fitness while protecting the body from body and heart from oxidative stress. Read More

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